NetEnt Games and Their RTP Values

Casino players love playing different kinds of casino games. These games are produced by gaming software development companies such as NetEnt. From table games to slots, you will find several games in the lobby of an online casino. Check for reviews of games from NetEnt on .

The Meaning of Return to Player (RTP)

If you're a casino player, you may have come across the term RTP before. But what does this term mean? RTP is the percentage of cumulative bets placed on a particular game, and which will be paid back as winnings. Visit to check where to play NetEnt games.

Consider this illustration to understand what RTP really is. Let's say a game has a theoretical RTP of 94% and the cumulative bets placed on it is $100. Then what this means is that players can expect a total winning of $94 from the game.


Why the Fuss About RTP?

Looking back at the example in the preceding paragraph, you'll observe that the total winning made from the game is lesser than the total amount wagered. The difference between both totals is called House Edge, and it is the proceeds that casinos get from offering the game to players.

Thus, it can be inferred from the illustration that a game with high RTP will offer more winnings eventually than a game with a low RTP percentage. In the online casino world, games with lower than 90% RTP rate are considered too low and many players tend to avoid them.

The RTP Values of NetEnt Games

Now that you understand what RTP means as well as why it is important to check it, let's talk about NetEnt games RTPs. NetEnt is famous for developing games with high RTP. The average return to player rate of a NetEnt game is 96%.

A few NetEnt games such as Blitz Blackjack and Branded Casino Perfect Blackjack comes with RTP above 99%. The popular Starburst slot has a theoretical RTP of 96.10% while Cosmic Fortune Progressive has 96.90% RTP rate. NetEnt includes an information section in its games where you can check their RTP.

Is it Possible for the RTP of a Game to Vary?

Yes, it is possible for the RTP of a game to vary. First, you need to be aware that RTP is only a theoretical value that may slightly vary from one casino to the other. Besides that, there are some games that have varying RTP based on their modes.

Good examples of such NetEnt games are the Hotline and Strolling Staxx slot. During the base game, Hotline slot has an RTP of 96.13%. However, once the bonus mode feature is activated the RTP increases to 97.04%. RTP does not change based on the device you are using.

Play NetEnt Games at a Top Casino

If what you're after is the best gaming experience, then you need to ensure that you select the best online casino. But how can you do that? First, you need to check if the casino is operating with a valid licence. This information is usually available on the casino site.

Once you've confirmed that the casino has a licence from the best gambling authorities such as MGA and UKGC, you should also check the games offered. Check the casino lobby to know if your favourite NetEnt games are featured. Other things worth checking are bonuses and payment methods supported.